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We will invoice you via PayPal, or you can pay in person at an upcoming event soon.

BSoBR Membership Benefits

Your membership includes the following:

  • BSoBR logo-etched oak taster/snifter
  • BSoBR membership card, which gets you:
    • 20% off at The Lost Cove
    • 20% off at Hayride Scandal
    • 20% off at Pelican to Mars
    • 15% off at Olive or Twist
    • 20% off bottles and merchandise at Three Roll Estate
      • Discounted Old Fashioned cocktail at the Three Roll Estate Tasting Room
      • Free Tour of Three Roll Estate
    • 10% off barrel picks at Oak Point Fresh Markets (Both OP and BSoBR picked bottles)
      • Each member is granted the right to purchase one (1) bottle of any BSoBR barrel selections, to be distributed through Oak Point Fresh Market. Your bottle will be held for one month from the date of release. (Until the time that our membership exceeds the amount of bottles received by Oak Point.)
  • Participation in all BSoBR raffles
  • Chance to participate in barrel tastings & pickings

BSoBR Member Guidelines

  • Must be 21 years old to participate.
    • Please drink with moderation, care, and consideration.
  • Dues for Active Members are $50 annually
    • Membership to BSoBR is for 365 days that starts on the date of receipt of your dues.
    • Dues are not refundable.
    • The board reserves the right to waive the dues of a member who will provide services to the Society.
  • As a member of BSoBR, you will be entitled to the benefits listed above.
    • Do not abuse said benefits.
    • Treat all our partners with respect. You are representing BSoBR in public.
    • If someone is found to have violated the rules, the board may vote to remove opposing member from BSoBR via majority rule.
    • The President & the Board have the final say in all Society decisions.
  • BSoBR will have try to have 4 quarterly events throughout the year. These are open to the public; however, only members will be allowed to participate in any raffles.