Angel’s Envy Rye

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Angel’s Envy Rye

Angel’s Envy Bourbon has become one of the most popular bourbons in the market (and for good reason).  Lincoln Henderson found a superior product and finished it in port barrels to give it a truly delicious and unique flavor.  The Rye is given another unique finish that separates it apart from an otherwise crowded Rye field.

Henderson found a 6 year rye from LDI distillery (now MGP of Indiana) and finished it in Plantation XO Caribbean Rum Casks for another 18 months.  The rumor is that the Henderson’s tried close to 100 different rums to decide which cask to finish their rye in (what a lucky task indeed). The mashbill is pretty common for MGP at 95% Rye and 5% Barley.  It is a small batch that consists of 8 to 12 barrels at a time.  Also this is barreled at 50% ABV or 100 proof.

THE TASTING:  We had this rye neat in rocks glasses.  There are many aspects that set this rye apart from everything else on the market, starting with the smell.  It is the epitome of aromatic intoxication.  I cannot recall the last time I smelled a whiskey that made my mouth water like this did.  We smelled ginger, citrus, cinnamon, and a hint of vanilla.  We took a sip and…wow, it did not disappoint. You can tell it’s a rye with the spiciness coming through but the rum cask perfectly mellows it out with a sugar and molasses taste.  These two competing flavors perfectly come together to give you a blend of sugar and spice that is pure whiskey bliss.  The finish cannot be ignored either, with the spiciness of the rye coming back at you with a good burn.  It left us wanting another sip, that’s for sure.  All three elements of this Rye perfectly work together to give a truly unique and tasty whiskey.

THE VERDICT: We cannot speak more highly about this Rye whiskey.  With the influx of rye whiskies hitting the market right now, especially all the NDP that purchase their stock from MGP, this one sets it apart from the competition. It’s such a unique Rye that you have to try.  If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to rye, you may not like Angel’s Envy Rye; it certainly isn’t conventional. If you’re up for something different, RUN – do not walk – to your favorite store ASAP.

THE RATING: 5 of 5 pours; move this to the top of your wish-list.

What else do you want to know about Angel’s Envy and their selection of whiskies?  Please let us know what you think of this in the comments section below.


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