What is bourbon?

Bourbon is one of the few uniquely American alcoholic products that in many ways represents the innovative spirit of US enterprise. Through centuries of technological, legal, and social change, bourbon has been alongside us as an integral part of the American experience that we have the privilege to share today!

Okay... so what is bourbon?

Boozy corn juice.

So where do you keep the blantons?

Next question.

So I don't have a lot of money to spend, but I know I like bourbon, what would you suggest?

Unlike some of the other whiskeys of the world, there are many bourbons that are both amazing and budget friendly. Old Grandad, Old Ezra, Elijah Craig, Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Wild Turkey 101, Henry MacKenna, Evan Williams white label or single barrel, and the list goes on and on! The best thing you can do for yourself is to try something out and see how you like it.

Where should I go to try something new?

Have you checked out our affiliates page? There are a lot of great people in the community who will help you find the right pour whether you're a bourbon novice or bottle-hunting shark.

How often do you guys meet?

We get together a few times a year as a larger group, but we're often ready to share a drink or make new friends when given the chance.

What if I don't like large crowds?

Every bar has a quiet corner.

What's the best way to drink bourbon?

However you like it! Some people prefer it neat, some like to add a couple drops of water, and others hit it with a couple cubes of ice, and still others like to mix their bourbon with soda, vermouth, sweet & sour mix, etc. There's no wrong way as long as you're doing it your way.

What's your favorite bourbon?

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  2. Shared
  3. Four Roses