BSoBR Membership

BSoBR Membership


We started the Bourbon Society of Baton Rouge in May of 2015. It started as two friends who loved bourbon and they wanted to share that love with other like-minded drinkers in Baton Rouge. Our very first public event was at the now closed Lock & Key. We posted about it on Facebook and TigerDroppings and crossed our fingers. I think a good 25 people showed up and only half of those were our friends. Several members that came to our first event still show up to all our events today. It’s crazy for me to see how much we’ve grown. We’ve met some amazing people who I consider close friends today. We’ve had some stellar bourbon together and drank bottles that don’t exist anymore. We’ve raised hundreds of toys and dollars for charity. I think the first 4 years have been a resounding success! Considering how much we far exceeded our expectations over the last 4 years, I cannot wait to see where go from here.


I am so excited to announce that we are officially rolling out our new membership program today. We have talked about it for the last two months and gotten a lot of feedback. I know it’s not perfect and we are still going to tweak it as time goes on, but this is it for now. I do ask that y’all be patient with the roll out. We are officially a nonprofit corporation with the state of Louisiana. We are recognized as a 501(c)(7) social club. It’s taken a lot of work and effort to get us to this point (mostly thanks to my amazing wife and all her skills) but we are finally here.


We are asking members to pay $50/annually to join BSoBR. We have taken on several partners including the Lost Cove, Olive or Twist, and Oak Point Fresh Market (among others) who are offering us discounts at their establishments. Everyone who joins will get one of our branded BSoBR Oak Tasters and a Personal Membership card. We will continue to have raffles that will now be members only (except for our year end Toys for Tots Christmas party). We will have events that are members only or members get to participate for free throughout this year. We are working on a ton of new types of events to have throughout the rest of the year. Expect a bottle share, Four Roses Tasting and even a Christmas Advent Calendar in December for our members. We know that asking y’all to now pay a fee to participate is a lot so we hope that we can prove to you that it will be worth it. I hope that the we have gained your trust over the last 4 years.


To sign up, fill out the Membership form that we have added and send it to me at We will then send you an invoice via PayPal to the email you provided so that you can pay us. If you prefer to pay via cash, that can also be arrange and just let us know in the email. We will print your membership card and mail it to you as soon as we can. If you sign up before midnight on May 30th,I will do my best to bring your membership card to our WhistlePig event this Friday. (Please again remember that we are brand new at this and complications with printing may arise, I will ensure that you get a discount on Friday at the Cove if you are a dues paying member however). We will have the form printed on Friday and you can fill it out then and pay us cash. We will send you your card in the mail next week if that’s the case.


We are really excited to see where the next chapter in our group leads us. I hope that we can continue to provide y’all with some quality bourbon and education on the good drink. I do ask that y’all be patient with us over the next few weeks as we do the transition in membership. If you have any concerns about the changes, please let me know. You can message BSoBR on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll get it or email me at  I’ve attached the full BSoBR Member Guidelines and Benefits below. Please read over them carefully and make sure you agree to the Guidelines before signing up with BSoBR. We are looking forward to drinking bourbon with you all soon!




David Steele

BSoBR, President & Co-Founder


BSoBR Member Guidelines

  • Must be 21 years old to participate.
    • Please drink with moderation, care, and consideration.
  • Dues for Active Members are $50 annually
    • Membership to BSoBR is for 365 days that starts on the date of receipt of your dues.
    • Dues are not refundable.
    • The board reserves the right to waive the dues of a member who will provide services to the Society.
  • As a member of BSoBR, you will be entitled to the benefits listed above.
    • Do not abuse said benefits.
    • Treat all our partners with respect. You are representing BSoBR in public.
    • If someone is found to have violated the rules, the board may vote to remove opposing member from BSoBR via majority rule.
    • The President & the Board have the final say in all Society decisions.
  • BSoBR will have try to have 4 quarterly events throughout the year. These are open to the public; however, only members will be allowed to participate in any raffles.


BSoBR Membership Benefits

Your membership dues allow for the following:

  • BSoBR logo-etched oak taster/snifter
  • BSoBR membership card, which gets you:
    • 20% off at The Lost Cove
    • 15% off at Olive or Twist
    • 10% off barrel picks at Oak Point Fresh Market
      • Each member is granted the right to purchase one (1) bottle of any BSoBR barrel selections, to be distributed through Oak Point Fresh Market. Your bottle will be held for one month from the date of release. (Until the time that our membership exceeds the amount of bottles received by Oak Point.)
    • Additional benefits being finalized with Three Roll Estate, Baton Rouge Distilling, and Hayride Scandal
  • Free ticket to Oak Point’s Rare Whiskey Raffle in December
  • Participation in all BSoBR raffles
  • Chance to participate in barrel tastings & pickings


Download BSoBR Membership Application

To join BSoBR, click the link above, fill out the membership application and send it to

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